1981 - 1985

Everything's Bigger in Texas

One of the new regional offices was in Dallas, and Craig found the entrepreneurial and business-friendly climate so inviting that he decided to move the company headquarters there.
Lakeview Office Park, the new Dallas company headquarters in 1983.
Craig became a true Texan when he purchased an ownership interest in the Dallas Cowboys in 1984.
Craig with Dallas Cowboys offensive tackle Ralph Neeley.
During this growth spurt, the company purchased 5,600 apartment units in Phoenix, at the time the largest apartment purchase ever made
The Villa Tree Apartments, one of the Phoenix Apt. portfolio properties purchased by Hall in ‘83.
At its peak, the company owned more than 75,000 apartment units. Hall Real Estate Group received The Forum Sales Award
The Forum Sales Award for privately raising $291 million.
Craig Hall released his Book of Real Estate Investing in 1982
"Partnership Investment for High Returns at Low Risk"
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1986 - 1992

The Savings & Loan Crisis